OML - Operation, Maintenance and Light Management of CPEs

The OML (Operation, Maintenance and Light Management), also commercially known as OMG Light, refers to the set of after-sales maintenanc (CPEs).

After initial start-up, the Operation/Management and Supervision of the CPEs is the Client’s responsibility, and the maintenance services are contracted with Multitel.



  • Benefit of effective CPE Maintenance services with appropriate response times and service quality;
  • Have absolute control over the aforementioned equipment, even when they are supplied by Multitel
  • in a monthly rental regime.


Service Features:

  • Help Desk: Multitel
  • CPE Operation: Client (holds CPE management password)
  • CPE Maintenance: Multitel
  • Management of subsequent CPE configurations: Client (holds CPE management password)
  • Management of initial CPE configurations: Multitel (has no password)