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Sunday, June 24, 2018


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A VPN.IP Solution provides your company with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that enables the creation of a complete, convergent, grid environment, integrating voice, data and video, which can also encompass terminal equipment and/or other additional services.


This convergent environment enables the optimization of costs, offering flexibility in configuration changes, expansion of the number of points, and a level of security, privacy and performance identical to an equivalent private network.


The Solution VPN.IP Solution provides the following options, which can be considered together or separately, when implementing the Solution:


Intranet Network (Local to Local): In this option, each remote location, as well as the central location, is connected to an IP cloud that enables access to intra-location information and between remote and central locations.


It is especially recommended when your company uses a model in which critical information is distributed throughout the company’s various installations or branches.


Extranet Network: In this format, client and/or supplier Intranets are interconnected, forming a chain of integrated and safe information.


This is especially recommended when the critical information is distributed throughout the various locations of the company, its partners and/or clients.




  • Total security and privacy in internal and external communications;
  • Implementation of capacity management policies with optimization of band utilization and data, voice and video convergence;
  • Connectivity between all corporate network points and between that network and the clients' networks;
  • Flexibility in managing the network with a positive impact on the implementation of IP-based applications;
  • Scalability;
  • Possibility of implementing service quality levels adapted to each client’s specific needs;



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